Welcome to Historic Rock Castle!

Welcome to the world of the 18th century viewed through the life of General Daniel Smith, surveyor, Revolutionary War hero, U.S. Senator, Indian Negotiator and original owner and builder of his family home: Historic Rock Castle!

Located on scenic Old Hickory Lake this 18 acre historic property offers much to explore. Join us for a tour of the Smith family home, experience the aromas of the herb garden, wander through the wooded nature trail, browse the Gift Shop and Visitor’s Center or enjoy a lakeside stroll.

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Sharp Blades and Strange Compounds: Medicine in Early Tennessee.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Halloween guest post by local historian Brian Allison about medicine in early Tennessee.

The 7 Most Common Questions Visitors Ask at Historic Rock Castle

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

At 230-years-old, Historic Rock Castle has developed quite a back story. But sometimes after such a long existence, parts of that story become fuzzy, lost, or just plain made up. While the staff at Rock Castle is well versed in the history of the site, we are also very familiar with some of the myths. In an attempt to dispel a few of those, below are the 7 most common questions visitors ask at Historic Rock Castle.